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Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

A successful film writer, producer and former radio broadcaster, Petulla came up with his take on the mentor-extern method of education while working as an instructor for the now defunct Columbia School of Broadcasting. He believed that the people who worked there were great but that overall it was not effective. They trained students within the classroom environment, then dumped them into the job market with a piece of paper that was worth little-to-nothing because the students had no real world experience.

Petulla visualized an opportunity and asked himself how he could help capable students get paying jobs in the entertainment business. The next day while visiting an audio engineer friend in his San Jose, California studio, Petulla asked him if he had ever hired a student from one of these schools. Laughing, his friend said, “No, because they don’t know the job. My own assistant had no experience, but I trained him so he knows his stuff.”

Two weeks later Petulla started the Entertainment Career Connection which now includes the Recording Connection, now operating as Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools (RRFC). The company has trained many individuals who are now working in their desired careers in the business. In addition to being the chief executive officer of the company, Petulla is also a former radio DJ and is currently a working Hollywood filmmaker. His film “Reversal” won best at acting legend Robert DeNiro’s IndieVision Tribeca Film Festival as well as “Best Film” at the Malibu Film Festival. It also won a DOVE Family Award. Set around the sport of high school wrestling, the movie is a family film that highlights the effectiveness of a father and son or mentor extern relationship when it comes to sports. The film was praised and given two thumbs up by gold medalists Carl Lewis, Shannon Miller, and Kendall Cross.



Chief Operating Officer and Chief Academic Officer

Brian Kraft is the Chief Academic Officer and C.O.O. of Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools, and he is also on the company’s board of advisors. He supervises the day to day workings of the corporate headquarters, new mentor acquisitions, and global marketing efforts. Additionally, he serves as a filmmaking mentor for select Film Connection students in the Los Angeles area. Kraft got his start at 18 years of age working for Yvonne Troxclair at Warner Bros. Records in Burbank, California where he learned the music business from the legendary executive John Beug (Producer: The Eagles, Eric Clapton, President Rhino Records). Kraft then left Warner Bros. and worked as a co-producer on music videos and commercials for Julian Temple’s Nitrate Films and Limelight Films, Inc. It was there that he met the late great music video director D.J. Webster (Amy Grant, Chevrolet, The Beach Boys). Webster took Kraft under his wing and mentored him in the art of directing and the business of producing. After Webster’s passing, Kraft went on to direct music videos and live concerts for Jane’s Addiction, Cypress Hill, and Ozomatli. Kraft directed the feature film The Brandon Corey Story, then in 2008-09 Kraft directed and produced the ten hour documentary “The Fall of America and the Western World – A Survival Guide” featuring Liberal Author Naomi Wolf, Economists Doug Casey and David McAlvany, NYU Professor and Author Mark Crispin Miller, Libertarian G. Edward Griffin, Conservative Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Constitutionalist Joseph Farah, radical Alex Jones, David Icke, and Moderate Doug McIntyre. The film takes a serious look at how liberals, anarchists, radicals, conservatives and moderates all agree that America is on its way to economic implosion primarily through the wanton printing of money, fiscal irresponsibility, and government shortsightedness. The film was an Internet sensation, and is often cited as way to successfully market films to the masses without the need of mainstream distribution. His next documentary is on the end of Western Civilization and will feature a rock opera to accompany the film. Kraft’s band “The Party is Over” is writing the music for the film. Kraft attended The University of Santa Monica (USM) in Santa Monica, CA, to study Transpersonal Psychology and is a career counselor and mentor to adults.


Recording Connection Board of Advisors

Josquin Des Pres Josquin Des Pres Music Producer
Mark Christiansen Mark Christiansen Audio Engineer
Steve Sundholm Steve Sundholm Music Producer
Andy Shoemaker Andy Shoemaker Audio Engineer
Jason Demetri Jason Demetri Music Producer
Mike Johnson Mike Johnson Founder / Chief Engineer,Clear Track Studios
Yudu Gray, Jr. Yudu Gray, Jr. Founder, House Studio
Jesse O'Brien Jesse O'Brien Music Producer
Mark Sinko Mark Sinko Music Producer
Donny Baker Donny Baker Audio Engineer
Zach Phillips Zach Phillips Audio Engineer
Matt Linesch Matt Linesch Audio Engineer
Rick Rooney Rick Rooney Founder, Planet Dallas

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